The Safest Methods of Queen Elsa Face Painting in Newcastle

Almost everyone agrees that face painting is a fun activity and it can be a very rewarding business.  Some people work as a face painter in certain occasions where they need to paint the faces of few people for some specific purpose. On the other hand, there are other people who take it as a full-time career. They have to work at least ten hours a day, painting person after person.  No matter which kind of painter a person is, there are some safety issues which one needs to keep in mind while performing Queen Elsa face painting and so on.

Tinkerbell face painter Newcastle

  • First and foremost rule of Queen Elsa face painting is that one needs to use suitable paints. Most of the people have a common misconception that “non-toxic” means safe for skin. But this is not the true.  Watercolor markers or pencils are not meant to be used on the skin. Even the acrylic paints are also not safe to use as the face painting agent. If a package of paint says that it is non-toxic, it is not safe for putting on someone’s skin.
  • Many people are also allergic to the non-FDA-approved colors and chemicals which are used in the craft paints. Removing watercolor marks from   one’s skin is not easy. It might take longer to get the strains removed.   Some of the famous brands of face painting are Wolfe brothers, Nazario, paradise, fardel, Krylon, metro, Ben Nye and much more.  The best part is that the face paintings are not much expensive than the craft paints.

  Often the face painters make the use of some glitters in order to make Queen Elsa face painting and other designs more interesting and appealing.  A face painter has to note that metallic craft glitter must not be used for the job of face painting.  Glitters, which are made of polyester, are only safe for face painting. The glitters must e .008 microns in size in order to make Queen Elsa face painting successful.

  Apart from all these, one needs to clean the brushes and sponges on a regular basis.  There is a misconception that alcohol is an effective sanitizer for the sponges and brushes.   In reality, alcohol can actually enhance the growth of bacteria in small amounts. Any traces of alcohol left on the painting brush can harm the beneficiary’s skin after queen Elsa face painting. Sugarpop Parties is the best one to do Queen Elsa face painting in Newcastle. Along with that it also offers fairly face painting.